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Offering a comprehensive selection of server racks and cabinets with accessories to simplify management and enhance performance. Whether you need one standard rack, 100 data center racks, or a customized solution, we can help.

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Enconnex racks & cabinets are born from years of collective experience in the data center industry. Trusted by the largest enterprise technology companies in the world, our racks offer unbeatable quality for a reasonable price.

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Data Center Racks & Beyond

As a premier rack and cabinet manufacturer and supplier, we offer solutions engineered for nearly any application or environment. From 2 post racks to military-grade shielded enclosures, we have your solution.

RF/EMI Shielded Cabinet

RF/EMI Shielded Cabinet

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Shielded Cabinet

Shielded Cabinet

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Micro Data Center

Micro Data Center

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Server Rack Accessories

Server Rack Accessories

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Enconnex Rack & Cabinet Highlights

Although we carry numerous types of racks and cabinets, our flagship lines were engineered to solve common problems IT administrators and data center operators are faced with. Innovation is a cornerstone of the Enconnex brand, and the features of our flagship racks and cabinets reflect that.

ECX Standard Cabinets

  • Offering superior quality at a value price. 
  • Solid steel construction.
  • Perforated doors allow for maximum airflow.
  • 3” casters for superior cabinet movability.
  • Excellent rolling capacity (2,600 lbs) & static load rating (3,300 lbs).
  • Fully secure (locking doors & side panels).
  • Removable roof vent panel for installation of chimney or fan systems.
  • “U” height printed on both sides of equipment rails.
  • Simple mounting rail adjustment.
  • Toolless PDU mounting.
  • Components are regularly stocked to configure various sizes of cabinets.
  • Modular roof panel with large pass-throughs.

DC Data Center Series Cabinets

  • Pre-customized based on popular feature requests.
  • Perfect for data center deployment.
  • Quad side panel design for easy & secure equipment access.
  • Competitively priced without sacrificing quality.
  • Extended server depth allowance (980mm).
  • 3” casters for superior cabinet movability.
  • Excellent rolling capacity (2,600 lbs) & static load rating (3,300 lbs).
  • Recessed PDU mounting rails built-in for easy maintenance & installation.
  • Fewer gaps between rails & side panels for improved airflow.
  • Cable management slots are built into the cabinet. 
  • Modular roof panel with large pass-throughs.

DefenseShield EMI/RF Shielded Enclosures

  • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) hardened enclosures.
  • Military-grade shielding against EMI & RF interference.
  • Perfect for cybersecurity, defense, & real device testing.
  • Effectively attenuates signals from 1MHz to 40GHz (5G). 
  • Protects against technical surveillance, side-channel attacks, & more.
  • Holds up to 400 mobile devices in 1 cabinet, built for scaling testing.
  • Lightweight, 50% lighter than competitive products (376 lbs). 
  • 10 powerful, long-life fans provide up to 10kW of cooling capacity.
  • Customizable to your specific needs. 
  • Shield device testing from Wi-Fi, cellular, Bluetooth, Zigbee, & more.

EdgeRack Micro Data Center Cabinets

  • Designed to be your own personal data center.
  • Secure, self-contained, smart server cabinets.
  • Uses variable frequency technology to adjust energy usage to IT load.
  • Environmental monitoring (leak, temperature, humidity, smoke).
  • Plug-and-play solution. Deployable in hours, not days.
  • Consolidate network infrastructure management into one cabinet.
  • Easy equipment access for maintenance & installation.
  • Available in 2 models, the 5M & 3P. 
  • EdgeRack 5M has 5kW of cooling & comes ready to be outfitted.
  • EdgeRack 3P has 3.5kW of cooling with preloaded equipment.
  • EdgeRack 3P comes with a UPS, touch screen interface, smart locks, a PDU, condensate water processing unit, and cable management bar.

Cabinet Configuration & Customization

Our racks and cabinets are available in the sizes and configurations you need. We offer a variety of heights, widths, depths, and colors. Sizes vary by model with custom rack and cabinet options available.

Height Options






Depth Options





Width Options



Color Options

White Cabinets

Black Cabinets

Not Seeing What You Need?

Just reach out. Our team can either find the right solution for you or help you explore custom rack and cabinet options.

Why Enconnex Racks & Cabinets?

We offer racks and cabinets designed to support nearly any environment, application, or budget. Whether your company is an enterprise business with global networking needs or a small business just getting started, look no further than Enconnex.

Standard Racks & Cabinets

We carry cost-effective and high-quality standard server racks and cabinets. From IT racks to network racks to data racks and more, we have the solution for your application.

Advanced Racks & Cabinets

Premium rack enclosures for advanced applications, including real device testing racks, RF/EMI shielded racks, smart server racks, pre-customized data center racks, and more.
White Server Rack Cabinet

Exhaustive Engineering

All Enconnex racks and cabinets are engineered for performance, durability, and value. We take pride in our attention to detail throughout the manufacturing process.

Seamless Deployment

We keep regularly stocked inventory for quick delivery. Our server racks and cabinets ship fully constructed and can be ordered with PDUs pre-loaded to make deployment simple and easy.
Enconnex server cabinets

Server Rack Accessories & Components

Offering all the accessories and components you need to complete your build and simplify server rack management.
The Enconnex Advantage

Superior Shipping Practices

We go the extra mile to ensure your product makes it to you exactly as you ordered it. Intact, pristine, and ready for deployment.
We regularly stock various sizes and configurations of components to allow for robust customization while maintaining fast assembly times. Engineered to order.
All racks, cabinets, and enclosures are fully assembled in our warehouse and ship complete to the customer for seamless deployment.
We use oversized pallets for shipping. This creates a more stable shipping platform and helps prevent damage to the units while they’re in transit.
Before shipping, all cabinets are first covered in protective wrapping and then shrink-wrapped, protecting them from damage better than traditional cardboard.

The Enconnex Difference

When you work with Enconnex, you get more than a product. You get direct access to a premier server rack manufacturer and a team of engineers, designers, product managers, customer support specialists, and more eager to help you achieve your goals. We stop at nothing to ensure you get the solution you need when you need it at the right price.

Supporting Documents

Can’t find what you need? Contact [email protected] for assistance.​

Cabinet Accessories

1U Toolless Snap in Blanking PanelECX-1UBLANPAN1.1
2U Toolless Snap in Blanking PanelECX-2UBLANPAN1.1
Vertical ring type cable managerECX-CABLEMGR-RT1.1
Vertical Cable Duct – 1U and 2UECX-CBLMGR-VRT-XU1.1
Vertical Cable Manager – 48U and 52UECX-CBLMGR-VRT-561954-E1.1
Vertical Cable Manager – 42U – Single WideECX-CBLMGR-VRT106-11018651.1
3U high horizontal performance cable managerECX-CBLMGR-HZ-3U1.1
1.5U single sided, vertical (0u), metal cable managerECX-CBLMGR-VTMTL-DRNG1.1
19″, 5 ring horizontal cable management panel, 1UECX-CBLMGR-HZ-5R-1U1.1
Vertical Cable Manager – 42UECX-CBLMGR-VRT42U1.1
Vertical Cable Manager – 45UECX-CBLMGR-VRT45U1.1
Vertical Cable Manager – 48UECX-CBLMGR-VRT48U1.1
Vertical Cable Manager – 52UECX-CBLMGR-VRT52U1.1
Cable Manager LoopECX-CBLP-SLPX121.1
Cable Manager Loop – 42UECX-CBLP-VRT42U1.1
Cable Manager Loop – 45UECX-CBLP-VRT45U1.1
Cable Manager Loop – 48UECX-CBLP-VRT48U1.1
Cable Manager Loop – 52UECX-CBLP-VRT52U1.1
Standard Shelf – Sliding ShelfECX-SSF-L450ARM1.1
Standard Shelf – Sliding ShelfECX-SSF-H7501.1
Standard Shelf – Sliding ShelfECX-SSF-750ARM-K1.1
Standard Shelf – Sliding ShelfECX-SSF-2P2U6001.1
Standard Shelf – 2 Post Fixed ShelfECX-SHLF-2P1.1
Standard Shelf – 2 Post Fixed ShelfECX-FSF-2P3U7501.1
Standard Shelf – 2 Post Fixed ShelfECX-FSF-2P2U5081.1
Standard Shelf – 2 Post Fixed ShelfECX-FSF-2P2U3331.1
Standard Shelf – 4 Post Fixed ShelfECX-FSF-L8501.1
Standard Shelf – 4 Post Fixed ShelfECX-FSF-L7501.1
Standard Shelf – 4 Post Fixed ShelfECX-FSF-H8501.1
Standard Shelf – 4 Post Fixed ShelfECX-FSF-H7501.1
Standard Shelf – 4 Post Fixed ShelfECX-FSF-521-10041.1
Mac Mini shelf – 750mmECX-MM4-750SHELF1.1
Flat Sliding ShelfECX-G118R1.1
Seismic Anchoring BracketECX-ANCHORKIT-SEIS1.1
Grounding bar kit for 19″ cabinetsECX-RGRKKIT1.1
Fan Door – V4 – Front – 45UECX-R45U-FANDOOR-V4-F1.1
Fan Door – V4 – Rear – 45UECX-R45U-FANDOOR-V4-R1.1
Fan Door – V4 – Front – 48UECX-R48U-FANDOOR-V4-F1.1
Fan Door – V4 – Rear – 48UECX-R48U-FANDOOR-V4-R1.1
Fan Door – V4 – Front – 52UECX-R52U-FANDOOR-V4-F1.1
Fan Door – V4 – Rear – 52UECX-R52U-FANDOOR-V4-R1.1
Vent Skirt Panel – 600ECX-ACC-SKIRT-6001.1
Vent Skirt Panel – 607ECX-ACC-SKIRT-6071.1
Baybar for cabinet baying – 52UECX-ACC-BAYBAR-521.1
Baybar for cabinet baying – 48UECX-ACC-BAYBAR-481.1
Baybar for cabinet baying – 45UECX-ACC-BAYBAR-451.1
Baybar for cabinet baying – 42UECX-ACC-BAYBAR-421.1
Cabinet Vertical Seal Gasket – 42UECX-ACC-SEAL-42U1.1
Cabinet Vertical Seal Gasket – 45UECX-ACC-SEAL-45U1.1
Cabinet Vertical Seal Gasket – 48UECX-ACC-SEAL-48U1.1
Cabinet Vertical Seal Gasket – 52UECX-ACC-SEAL-52U1.1
Compliance and safety are top of mind for all Enconnex products. Our server racks and cabinets are no exception. Enconnex cabinets carry all major regulatory certifications, including UL listed, RoHS compliance, and EIA 310A conformance. On top of that, Enconnex is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. Customer satisfaction and quality are at the forefront of everything we do.
Enconnex server cabinets

Bundle Enconnex Solutions to Save

Partners can save time and money by bundling Enconnex Server Racks and Cabinets with our other data center and networking hardware solutions. These include PDUs, UPSs, power cords, network cables, aisle containment, and more. Our team of expert engineers is here to help you build the best solution possible given your budget, timeline, environment, and networking needs. Get in touch today to see how we can help transform your IT infrastructure.


Innovation is the driving force at Enconnex. When customers have problems, we build solutions.

Out-Of-The-Box Solutions

We have standardized out-of-the-box solutions, so customers simply pick the specs and receive fully constructed and outfitted orders.

Stocked Inventory

Keeping stocked inventory in multiple locations throughout the world helps us deliver products to our customers faster and at a better price point.

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