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EdgeRack Micro Data Centers
All-in-one, self-contained, prefabricated micro data centers for edge computing. With up to 8kW of integrated cooling, EdgeRacks are ready to be deployed wherever you need them.
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Your personal, self-contained data center.

The Enconnex EdgeRack micro data center line is your complete on-premise networking solution. Consolidate your IT equipment into one secure location and keep your technology running effectively and efficiently at optimal temperatures.

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MDC Defined

What is a micro data center?

Micro data centers are smaller-scale, self-contained versions of traditional data centers. They perform all the same essential functions that traditional data centers do (networking, compute, storage, thermal management, etc.) with the same hardware components but have a much smaller footprint. They can be as small as the size of one traditional server rack or cabinet. 


Due to their compact design, micro data centers can be deployed at the edge of the network and are often used for edge computing applications. Another benefit is flexibility. Micro data centers can be installed in a variety of spaces traditional data centers can’t be such as IT or network closets and, in some cases, uncontrolled environments. In addition, they can be scaled up or down based on the environment they’re in. 


In summary, micro data centers are versatile solutions for distributed computing frameworks, edge data centers, remote facilities, and more.

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Enterprise Edge Computing Solutions

Edge computing is a distributed computing framework with the goal of processing data closest to where it’s actually generated (Ex. IoT devices, sensors, local servers, etc.). Doing so reduces network latency, saves bandwidth, and gives businesses near real-time insights. Micro data centers enable edge computing by allowing IT equipment to be deployed almost anywhere. The EdgeRacks are our edge micro data center solutions. They’re self-contained cabinets engineered to excel in both traditional and non-traditional IT environments with the security features and thermal management you need to maintain optimal performance.
EdgeRack 3P
All-in-one, secure, smart server cabinet designed for swift deployment. Equipped with environmental sensors and remote monitoring/management features, a touch screen display, power, efficient self-contained cooling (3.5kW), and a UPS.
Enconnex EdgeRack 5M Micro Data Center
EdgeRack 5M
Self-contained micro data center for edge computing. Comes with a built-in bottom-mounted cooling unit (5kW) with an integrated condensate water processing device, remote monitoring and management, enhanced security, and more.
EdgeRack Industrial 8M
Designed for deployment in uncontrolled environments. NEMA 12 and IP55-rated with a side-mounted, self-contained 8kW cooling unit, a built-in condensate processing device, environmental sensors, and remote monitoring/management features.

Solving Your Networking Challenges:

The EdgeRack integrated micro data center cabinets were manufactured to solve networking problems common to organizations across the globe. They’re suitable for businesses big and small and are deployable in both traditional and non-traditional IT environments. They come equipped with self-contained, efficient cooling units and are ready to be outfitted with all the technology required to run your business or edge computing facility.

Simplify Your IT Environment

House everything you need to run your business or edge computing location in a neat, enclosed cabinet. EdgeRacks eliminate the need for messy IT or networking closets.

Ready-Made, Configurable Solutions

Available with power, cooling, monitoring, and more. Configurable to accommodate your networking equipment and environment. Deploying an EdgeRack can be as simple as loading it up and plugging it in.

No More Overheating Equipment

The EdgeRacks come equipped with efficient, self-contained cooling units and environmental sensors engineered to limit unexpected outages due to overheating equipment and maximize your runtime.

Self-Contained Cooling

EdgeRacks come in a standard cabinet form factor to fit seamlessly into your existing environment. With up to 8kW of cooling capacity built-in, they eliminate the need for outside thermal management.

Reduced Energy Cost

Use only the energy needed for your specific environment. No more, no less. EdgeRacks automatically adjust cooling to match the IT load, thus minimizing energy consumption.

Scalable, Versatile Deployment

Start with a single EdgeRack and easily deploy additional as needed. Featuring excellent load ratings, heavy-duty casters, and a standard cabinet footprint EdgeRacks can be deployed wherever you need them.

Ensure Redundancy

The EdgeRack Industrial 5M and 8M’s adjacent side panels can be removed to share cooling, mimicking the effect of an in-row cooling unit and ensuring cooling redundancy should a unit go offline.

Predictable Performance

Inefficient cooling can lead to unpredictable performance of IT equipment as well as a myriad of other unsavory outcomes. Avoid those headaches and get an EdgeRack today.

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The Enconnex Advantage

EdgeRack Micro Data Center Benefits:

Smart Cabinet Solution
Built to house your entire IT infrastructure, including networking, storage, and compute.
Enables Edge Computing
On-premise networking reduces latency and improves network performance overall.
EdgeRacks have a standard cabinet footprint. They’re designed to excel in traditional and non-traditional IT environments.
Operational in hours, not days. EdgeRacks enable rapid deployment of IT equipment.
EdgeRacks come prefabricated and pretested so you don’t have to worry about misconfiguration or instability.
Featuring locking doors and side panels. Choose from mechanical or electromagnetic locking systems to suit your security needs.
Remote Management
EdgeRacks offer remote environmental monitoring and management to minimize the need for operators to travel to edge locations.
Efficient Integrated Cooling
Industry-leading in-rack cooling units provide between 3.5kW – 8kW of cooling capacity in a standard rack footprint.
No Pipes Needed
With built-in condensate water processing devices, EdgeRack’s cooling units evaporate excess condensate without the need for an external drainage pipe.
Integrated Management
All EdgeRacks have a touch screen user interface that allows for real-time monitoring of performance.
Smart Sensors
Stay on top of environmental risks with sensors monitoring temperature and humidity, smoke, and water leakage.
Power Management
The EdgeRack 3P’s power distribution module provides power-line protection and management, UPS service by-pass, surge protection, and power metering.

EdgeRack’s enclosed design, well-insulated cooling aisle, and up to 8kW cooling unit with an inverter compressor and EC fans enable increased energy efficiency and reduced heat for your equipment.


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