Federal Government Solutions for Data Centers, Telecom, and Server Rooms

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Products Designed for Efficiency, Optimization, and Security

Headquartered in Reno, Nevada, Enconnex provides the data center expertise and products you need for your federal government facility. Our experienced team can help you plan for consolidation, migration, and upgrades to support your mission-critical organization.


With the ever-increasing needs for data and IT infrastructure management, automation, and services, Enconnex can help you modernize your data center, secure facility or server rooms, and achieve your efficiency goals.

Innovation in Uptime and Security

We’ve built our business on innovation that solves problems for our customers. That includes our TAA compliant power solutions to minimize downtime and security solutions to prevent attacks that can circumvent your network security, encryption, and traditional physical and cybersecurity countermeasures.

Quality and Reliability are Key for Your Environment

We understand your commitment to uptime, and that you’re investing in products that need to last. Our product quality is extremely high, ready to support your 24/7 facility, day in and day out.

Incredible Value

We pride ourselves on getting our customers the products they need for less. Ask us to quote your next order and we think you’ll be delighted.

What You Need—When You Need It

We have a fully stocked warehouse of data center and IT infrastructure products, including cabinets, power, connectivity, and containment, and a smart Logistics team to get you what you need, anywhere in the world.

Explore our IT Infrastructure Solutions for Federal Government today!

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