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Customize for Flexibility, Scale, and Speed

Enconnex provides the IT infrastructure expertise and products needed for world-class campus locations. Our experienced team can help you build for functionality and integration while planning for growth and technology evolutions.

Creating Great Enterprise Campuses

Enterprise campus IT infrastructure is designed to give network access to users and devices in the same location and provide seamless integrations and unbroken user experience. A successful design also needs to adapt rapidly to business growth and new technologies.

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Enconnex has helped outfit enterprise campuses for the biggest companies in the world. Whether you need customization or modular designs, our team of experts can help achieve the campus IT infrastructure you have envisioned.

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Innovating Enterprise Campus IT Infrastructure

Enconnex offers an array of solutions that can optimize your campus locations. Our IT infrastructure products are high-quality and high-value lines encompassing the core components of data center infrastructure, including server racks and cabinets, network cabling, containment, PDUs, UPS’, power cords, and edge computing solutions.

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