Return Policy

Shipping and Returns

Returns and Exchanges Policy

Only new products in their original packaging may be returned for refund or exchange. Customers have 30 days from receipt of the product to begin the return process. Returns started after 30 days of receipt are subject to Enconnex management approval.


* policy effective 2/1/24

Starting the Return or Exchange Process

To begin your return or exchange, please contact your salesperson or call us directly at +1 (775) 562-2138 or toll-free at +1 (833) TALK-ECX. Our team will help guide you through the process to ensure you quickly get the product resolution you need.

Click the link below for complete details about our return merchandise authorization (RMA) policies:

Process for Warranty Service

  • When contacting Enconnex, please have your order number, product part number(s), serial number (when applicable), problems identified, and requested resolution available so we can quickly resolve your issue.
  • Please try to keep and return products in their original packaging. In some cases, this is not possible. Our team can assist you in getting the proper material to return your products if necessary.
  • For products that arrive damaged from an Enconnex carrier, new replacement parts will be shipped at no expense to the customer when at all possible, and Enconnex will manage the insurance claim. If the damage is too severe, then a complete replacement unit may be sent. If a customer chooses to use their own carrier and the shipment is damaged, the customer will be responsible for replacing their parts and managing their insurance claim.
  • Customers must work with our Logistics team to ensure proper packaging takes place. Please contact your Sales rep or Enconnex directly to begin this process. If damage occurs due to improper packaging, the return or warranty agreement will be voided.
  • In some cases, we may ask the customer to keep / scrap material as it is more cost-effective than shipping damaged goods back to Enconnex. Our support team can assist you with finding a recycling or removal company.