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Securing the Edge of Your Network

More and more industries are shifting toward edge computing. Edge computing aims to reduce latency through the use of small-scale data centers that put IT resources a single hop away from users and devices. Variously known as cloudlets, micro data centers, or fog nodes, these edge resources can deliver services and cached content faster and serve as collection points for IoT data that requires local processing. Edge data centers may be housed in co-location facilities, but they are just as likely to be implemented in branch offices, retail stores, distribution centers, and other remote locations.

Why Edge Computing

Edge computing helps to relieve network congestion and reduce data transport costs by conserving network bandwidth. It can also reduce cloud storage costs and improve regulatory compliance through data localization.

Get Expert Help Setting Up Your Edge Computing

Careful design and planning are required in order to deliver the performance, bandwidth, and security needed to enable these use cases. A solid foundation of racks, cabinets, cooling units, and other data center infrastructure items are needed as well as remote management capabilities. Enconnex has the expertise and experience to help you develop and implement a successful edge strategy.

Innovating Edge Computing Infrastructure

Enconnex offers an array of solutions that can help you optimize your edge data center facility. Our EdgeRack™ products are enclosed, noise-reducing cabinets with integrated rack-mounted cooling units built specifically for enterprise edge computing. We also offer in-row cooling units, UPS units, metered power distribution units (PDUs), and more to meet the requirements of your edge environment. Let Enconnex help you take advantage of the edge computing model to reduce latency and utilize resources more efficiently.

Start innovating your edge computing infrastructure today!

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