Real Device Testing

Enconnex Real Device Testing Enclosures

The only commercial solution provider supporting real device cloud architecture. Enconnex enclosures are engineered to scale and customizable to your exact requirements.

Optimize Your Test Environment

Worry About Your Tests, Not Your Test Environment

Whether you’re new to real device testing or a seasoned pro, we have your solution. Test 20 mobile devices in a single mini enclosure or 20,000 devices across a network of interconnected DevShield RF shielded cabinets. The best part is all Enconnex test enclosures are designed for scalability, usability, and ease of configuration. The world’s largest technology companies and hyperscalers trust Enconnex real device testing enclosures because our designs enable them to increase testing density, improve testing efficiency, and get accurate results faster.

Enconnex Real Device Testing

Why Use Real Devices for App & Software Testing?

There’s simply no substitute for the real thing. Whether you’re testing an app, software, or something else, conducting the tests on real mobile devices is the only way to test in real-world conditions. Emulators and simulators can play a part, but they can’t be the only things you rely on. These methods of testing are not only virtual, but they’re also slower than real device testing and can often have bugs or glitches that impact their accuracy.
Enconnex real device testing

Why Use RF Shielded Test Enclosures?

With any test, the name of the game is results. How can you get accurate results from your tests as quickly as possible? RF shielded test enclosures like the DevShield and DevShield Mini are the fastest path to meaningful real device testing results. The primary reason being they preserve signal integrity and limit channel interference. When conducting wireless testing, outside interference from IEEE 802.11 (Wi-Fi), Bluetooth, cellular, Zigbee, etc. using the same frequency band can be an issue. Using an RF shielded enclosure for device testing eliminates outside interference so you can communicate with your devices as quickly and accurately as possible. It also allows operators to scale testing without worrying about signal overlap. Getting accurate results quickly and at scale saves time, headaches, and ultimately money in the long run.
Pioneering the Evolution of Real Device Testing

It All Started With Innovation

The Problem

Our real device testing product line was born from one of the world’s largest companies coming to us with a problem. They wanted to scale in-house real device testing from small enclosures to a private data center with full-size racks and cabinets. The only problem was they couldn’t find the products they needed to make it happen.

Enconnex Real Device Testing
Enconnex Real device testing

The Solution

Staying true to our “Born to Innovate” motto, we pounced on the opportunity and designed custom RF shielded enclosures purpose-built for accurate real device testing at scale. These enclosures are now known as DevShield. The only RF shielded enclosures tested, approved, and deployed specifically for data center applications. Since then, we’ve iterated and improved on our designs and now offer solutions designed for testing at any scale with both shielded and non-shielded options.

Enconnex Real device testing solutions

One of a Kind Enclosure

No other cabinet in the world can do what DevShield does. With a standard 42U footprint, it’s the only full-size RF shielded cabinet specifically developed for use in data centers to conduct enterprise real device testing on one platform. As their exclusive sales partner, Enconnex has partnered with the shielding experts at KForm to bring military-grade RF/EMI shielding to the commercial sector (up to 85 dB of attenuation at frequencies ranging from 1MHz to 10GHz). This shielding ensures maximum signal integrity within the cabinet, enhancing testing accuracy and speed and allowing operators to scale testing without worrying about channel interference. DevShield’s 3” casters, excellent load ratings, and lightweight design make deployment a breeze.

Offering Our Expertise

At Enconnex, we offer more than just products. We offer years of collective experience in real device testing and IT infrastructure. Looking for strategic advice? You’ve come to the right place. We can help with the following:

Designing your test equipment set up to promote effective and efficient testing.

Rack elevation maps to help organize your in-rack equipment.

Advice on Wi-Fi channel configuration to avoid channel overlap.

Your Real Device Testing One-Stop Shop

Historically, there hasn’t been a one-stop shop for real device testing in the IT infrastructure and data center industries. Different vendors provided different pieces of solutions that were often incompatible and required in-house modifications. Test practitioners ended up with messy, makeshift mobile device testing racks far too often. Enconnex is making that issue a thing of the past. We’re your single source for real device testing products and accessories.
Enconnex real device testing open laptop shelves

Solutions for Nearly Any Environment or Budget

Our line of real device testing racks, cabinets, and enclosures was engineered to unlock testing efficiencies for organizations of any size and enhance testing accuracy regardless of density or type of test. Supporting app testing (Android, iOS, Ionic, etc.), software testing, and debugging at scale.

Constructed from aerospace-grade aluminum, our RF shielded test enclosures provide comprehensive shielding from electromagnetic and RF interference with power and data line filtering. They provide up to 85dB of attenuation at frequencies ranging from 1MHz to 10GHz, blocking IEEE 802.11 (Wi-Fi), Zigbee, and Bluetooth interference and creating an ideal environment for wireless and wired testing within the enclosures. Deploy multiple DevShields to scale testing without signal interference.

  • Our flagship RF shielded cabinet
  • Cooling capacity of 10kW
  • 42U standard size (customizable)
  • Can hold up to 400 phones or 40 open laptops (200 closed)
  • 85dB at 1MHz – 10GHz
  • Same features of the standard DevShield
  • Cooling capacity of 2kW
  • 42U standard size (customizable)
  • Can hold up to 400 phones or 40 open laptops (200 closed)
  • 85dB at 1MHz – 10GHz
  • Same shielding in a smaller test enclosure
  • Rack-mountable
  • Sizes start at 6U (customizable)
  • 85dB at 1MHz – 10GHz
Our non-shielded enclosures are cost-effective solutions for hard-wired mobile device and app testing at scale as well as low-density wireless testing. They are purpose-built for device testing vs. the alternative of retrofitting a standard server rack.


  • Our flagship non-shielded racks and cabinets
  • Configurable for Wi-Fi and USB connections
  • Sizes range from 18U-52U

We offer a variety of accessories that allow you to customize and enhance your enclosure. Get the right shelves for your devices and ensure adequate cooling with our fan door options.

  • Mac Mini Shelf
  • Mobile Shelf With Slot
  • Mobile Shelf With Device Holder
  • Flat Shelf
  • W Shelf for Laptop Testing
  • Closed Book Shelf for Laptop Testing
  • DevShield Mini Metal Tray
  • Non-Conductive Bamboo Device Holder
  • Fan Door (up to 27 fans)
  • Wireless Access Point Mounting Bracket

Challenging the Status Quo

No More Messy Mobile Phone Racks

Organized Test Enclosures

With Enconnex real device testing enclosures, the days of messy mobile phone racks are done. We offer a variety of cable management solutions and shelves to keep your devices connected and organized.

Climatized Device Testing

Efficient Airflow & Cooling

As testing density increases, heat becomes a legitimate concern. Overheating devices can lead to test failures. Enconnex device testing enclosures were engineered for airflow and cooling efficiency to keep your tests running smoothly.

Easy Physical Access to Devices

Secure & Accessible Enclosures

Sliding shelves allow test practitioners to access their mobile devices easily. Changing test devices, modifying connections, and scaling real device testing has never been easier. DevShield’s 3” casters and excellent load ratings allow for maximum mobility.

Customizable to Your Specs

Enclosures That Scale With You

With customizable I/O panels, various sizes, shelves, and accessories, Enconnex real device testing enclosures can be whatever you need them to be. Deploy multiple DevShields to scale testing to as many as 20,000 devices without signal interference.

Enabling Real Device Cloud

The Cutting Edge of Device Testing

Our real device testing racks, cabinets, and enclosures were engineered to enable real device cloud companies to enhance their offerings. With shielded and non-shielded enclosures of all sizes, Enconnex solutions can scale with cloud customers.

Get Your Solution Today

Just reach out and our team will ensure you get the best enclosure for your test requirements, environment, and budget.
Enconnex server cabinets

Bundle Enconnex Solutions to Save

Partners can save time and money by bundling Enconnex real device testing enclosures with our other data center and networking hardware solutions such as PDUs, UPSs, power cords, network cables, aisle containment, and more. Our team of expert engineers is here to help you build the best solution possible given your budget, timeline, environment, and networking needs. Get in touch today to see how we can help transform your IT infrastructure.


Commitment to Quality

Compliance and safety are top of mind for all Enconnex products. Our real device testing racks and cabinets are no exception. Enconnex cabinets carry all major regulatory certifications, including CE, FCC, UL listed, RoHS compliance, and EIA 310A conformance. Our DevShield enclosures are tested in accordance with IEEE-299, MIL-STD-285, and NSA 94-106. They enable systems to meet standards for SIGINT and emanation security such as MIL-STD-461 and TEMPEST requirements. They are UL 2416 (NWIN) listed to allow for commercial use in high reliability environments. On top of that, Enconnex is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. Customer satisfaction and quality are at the forefront of everything we do.


Innovation is the driving force at Enconnex. When customers have problems, we build solutions.

Out-Of-The-Box Solutions

We have standardized out-of-the-box solutions, so customers simply pick the specs and receive fully constructed and outfitted orders.

Stocked Inventory

Keeping stocked inventory in multiple locations throughout the world helps us deliver products to our customers faster and at a better price point.

Take real device testing to the next level.