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DevShield Light

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DevShield Light has the same features, benefits, and construction as the standard DevShield, with a lower cooling capacity. DevShield Light is an RF shielded, EMC hardened enclosure with power and data line filtering engineered for real device testing at scale. Constructed from aerospace-grade aluminum with copper-nickel gaskets sealing every opening, DevShield Light ensures maximum signal integrity within the cabinet. For high-density wireless testing, it can be configured to prevent channel interference from within as well.

Key Features

  • Lightweight, Rugged Construction
    • Rack weight does not limit installation location
  • Standard Rack Footprint
    • Seamless integration into data center layout
  • Cooling
    • 2 powerful, long-life fans provide 235 CFM of airflow each to support dense installations
  • Customizable I/O
    • Customizable I/O panels allow for signal and fiber connectivity

Product Applications

DevShield acts as a Faraday cage by attenuating RF signals entering or exiting the enclosure. Applications include installations in an office, lab, or data center.

  • Mobile device testing
  • Segregation of wireless networks; In-rack wireless networks
  • Emanations control mitigating interference with scientific equipment such as satellite radio antennas

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