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InfiniRack Multi-Bay Cabinet

The InfiniRack Multi-Bay Cabinet is designed to excel in colocation environments.
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Product Details

The InfiniRack Multi-Bay cabinet from Enconnex is separated into two 22U compartments with front and rear access doors and 4-digit combination swing handles. The top and bottom of the cabinet feature secure dedicated data and power cable access. This cabinet is designed to meet the needs of customers in multi-tenant data centers.


  • Multi-Tenant Data Centers (MTDC)

Product Features:

  • The upper compartment has 20U of usable space, and the lower compartment has 23U of usable space.
  • Each door includes a 4-digit combination swing handle latch with key override. The combination is configurable.
  • Each compartment has an integrated cable lashing panel and half-height PDU mounting bracket that is isolated and secure from the other compartment.
  • The top panel has brush-sealed cable openings at the left rear and right rear.
  • The IR multi-bay includes a bottom panel with brush-sealed cable openings at the left rear and right rear.
  • All four doors (top/bottom, front/rear) are single, perforated metal with 80% hexagonal perforations.
  • Removable, locking side panels.
  • Four heavy-duty swivel casters and leveling feet.
  • 2500 lb (1136 kg) static load rating on casters or leveling feet.
  • The equipment mounting rails are easily adjusted, providing the ability to quickly reposition from front to back. The frame interior includes depth markings for reference.

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Technical Drawings:


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