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EdgeRack Industrial 8M

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The EdgeRack Industrial 8M is a micro data center cabinet for industrial environments and edge deployments. It includes a self-contained, side-mounted cooling unit with up to 8kW of cooling capacity. The EdgeRack Industrial 8M is the ideal solution for securing your IT infrastructure in manufacturing sites with less controlled or dirtier environments.


  • Uncontrolled Edge Environments (Industrial Edge)
  • Warehouses
  • Manufacturing Sites
  • IT Test Laboratories

Product Features:

  • NEMA 12 and IP55-rated.
  • Side-mounted, self-contained cooling unit with remote management capability.
  • Up to 8kW of cooling capacity.
  • The condensate water processing device evaporates all condensate water.
  • No need to attach copper coolant or water drainage pipes.
  • Cooling adjusts to match the IT load, minimizing energy consumption.
  • 42U of usable IT space.
  • Temperature, humidity, water leakage, and smoke sensors capable of remote monitoring.

EdgeRack Industrial 8M Solution Benefits:

  • Plug and Play: The 8M has a side-mounted, self-contained cooling unit and a condensate water processing device built-in, eliminating the need to connect copper coolant or water drainage pipes and enabling fast deployment.
  • Industrial Level Protection: NEMA 12 and IP55-rated. The 8M is protected against exposure to uncontrolled environments. Featuring fully-welded seams, specialty sealants and gaskets, as well as provisions for cable glands, it will operate seamlessly in the presence of water, humidity, dust, or grime.
  • Shared Cooling: Remove the side panels (security-head bit included) and deploy units side-by-side to mimic the effect of an in-row cooling unit and ensure cooling redundancy should a unit go offline..
  • Powerful, Efficient Cooling: The self-contained, side-mounted cooling unit provides up to 8kW of cooling capacity and eliminates the need to attach copper coolant pipes. The inverter compressor and EC fans provide efficient cooling to match the IT load, minimizing energy consumption.
  • Smart and Secure: The 8M comes with sensors to detect temperature, humidity, water leakage, and smoke within the enclosure (can be monitored remotely). The optional electromagnetic lock will open the cabinet door in case of an emergency. Additionally, cooling can be managed remotely.
  • Flexible Air Management: Manage exhaust air via either an optional top-mounted plenum with a flexible duct connecting to an HVAC return or exterior vent or to ambient air via a ventilated opening in the roof panel.
  • Minimal Maintenance: The cooling unit is exposed by removing the cabinet’s side panel. It has an access panel, and its condensing and evaporating fans are modular and hot-swappable. The entire unit can be removed and replaced if needed.


Technical Drawing – with Air Plenum

Technical Drawing – without Air Plenum

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