Micro Data Center & Edge Computing Solutions

Enconnex EdgeRack line consolidates IT equipment into a secure location, to keep equipment running effectively and efficiently for today’s demanding IT environments.
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Your personal, self-contained data center.

The Enconnex EdgeRack micro data center line is your complete on-premise networking solution. Consolidate your IT equipment into one secure location and keep your technology running effectively and efficiently.

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MDC Defined

What is a micro data center?

Micro data centers are smaller-scale, self-contained versions of traditional data centers. They perform all the same essential functions that traditional data centers do (networking, computing, storage, etc.) but have a much smaller footprint. They can be as small as the size of one traditional server rack or cabinet. 

Due to their compact design, micro data centers can be deployed at the edge of the network and are often used for edge computing applications. Another benefit is flexibility. Micro data centers can be installed in a variety of spaces traditional data centers can’t be such as IT or network closets. In addition, they can be scaled up or down based on the environment they’re in.

Get the Edge

Enterprise Edge Computing Solutions

Edge computing is all about ensuring that your IT equipment is as close as possible to where the actual networking is happening. Doing so reduces latency and improves network performance overall. The EdgeRack was designed to be deployed almost anywhere. It’s a flexible edge micro data center solution made for both traditional and non-traditional IT environments.

EdgeRack 3P

All-in-one, smart server cabinet equipped with monitoring features, a touch screen display, power, efficient cooling (3.5kW), and a UPS.

Solving Your Networking Challenges:

The EdgeRack integrated IT server cabinet was manufactured to solve networking problems common to many small to mid-size businesses across the globe. It’s suitable for both traditional and non-traditional IT environments, comes equipped with efficient cooling functionality, and is ready to be outfitted with all the technology required to run your business.

Simplify Your IT Environment

House everything you need to run your business in a neat, enclosed cabinet. The EdgeRack eliminates the need for messy IT or networking closets.

Ready-Made Solution

Equipped with power, cooling, monitoring and a UPS. All you need to do is plug in your equipment and the EdgeRack is ready to power your business.

No More Overheating Equipment

The EdgeRack has an efficient, self-contained cooling system built in so you can limit unexpected outages due to overheating IT equipment and maximize your runtime.

Self-Contained Cooling

The days of cooling an entire room just to expel heat from one piece of IT equipment are over. EdgeRack’s internal cooling system eliminates the need for outside cooling and can help reduce your energy expenses. Up to 5kW of cooling.

Reduced Energy Cost

Use only the energy needed for your specific environment. No more, no less. EdgeRack uses inverter technology to achieve the capacity adjustment according to the changing of IT load.

Future-Proofed Solution

As your business grows and technology advances, the demand for cooling grows as well. EdgeRack was designed with this in mind. It provides a future-proof cooling solution.

Predictable Performance

Inefficient cooling can lead to unpredictable performance of IT equipment as well as a myriad of other unsavory outcomes. Avoid those headaches with EdgeRack.

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The Enconnex Advantage

EdgeRack Self-Contained Data Center Benefits:

Smart Cabinet Solution
Built to house your entire IT infrastructure including networking, storage, and computing.
Enables Edge Computing
On-premise networking reduces latency and improves network performance overall.
EdgeRack has a small footprint. It’s designed to work in traditional and non-traditional IT environments.
Operational in hours, not days. The EdgeRack enables rapid deployment of IT equipment.
The EdgeRack comes prefabricated and pretested so you don’t have to worry about misconfiguration or instability.
Ease of Access

Double-layered glass doors allow for quick and easy access to your critical equipment.

In addition to locking features on all doors and side panels, EdgeRack offers an intelligent magnetic locking system using a user-defined password and fingerprint for maximum security.
Efficient Integrated Cooling

Industry-leading in-rack cooling can cool between 3.5kW – 5kW of computing power in a 11U rack footprint.

Integrated Management
Our 3P EdgeRack has a touch screen user interface that allows for monitoring of performance.
Smart Sensors
Stay on top of environmental risks with sensors monitoring temperature and humidity, smoke, and water leakage.
Power Management
The power distribution module provides power-line protection and management, UPS service by-pass, surge protection, and power metering.

The EdgeRack 3P’s enclosed system, well-insulated cooling aisle, and up to 5kW cooling unit with an inverter compressor and EC fans enables increased efficiency and reduced heat for your equipment.


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