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Universal PDU (0U) – Switched and Inlet-Metered

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Specifications and Compliance: See “Documents” tab

The ECX-SV1812120-7 input-metered, outlet-switched UPDU distributes power to devices in the rack and offers real-time phase and circuit breaker metering with network monitoring of power loads for overload avoidance, capacity & load balancing, and energy use optimization. For greater flexibility, the ECX-SV1812120-7 features a universal 7-pin input connector allowing for interchangeable input power cables that can adapt to varying power sources depending on the available facility power. Switched outlets allow power-up equipment sequencing, remote reboot, and outlet access control. A hot-swappable network management controller allows for future upgrades and enhanced MTTR. The controller can also manage up to eight environmental sensors, or two security access handles which are managed through the PDU. The ECX-SV1812120-7 is automation-friendly and can be managed by web UI, telnet or SSH, SNMP, or RESTful API. Premium hydraulic-magnetic circuit breakers operate reliably in high-temperature environments. The ECX-SV182120-7 offers advanced features, such as color-coded IEC outlets with support for W-lock cords and backed by a 5-year hassle free warranty.


  • Power for data center rack equipment
  • Environments that require energy metering
  • MDF, IDF, Data Center, Computer Room, Data Room Environment
  • Colocation facilities


  • Outlet access control
  • Power sequencing
  • Premium, high-temperature, branch-rated, magnetic hydraulic circuit breaker
  • Ultra-Low-profile design
  • Alternate-branched outlets
  • High-density outlet arrangement
  • Real-time phase and circuit breaker metering and monitoring of power loads
  • Remote PDU access management
  • Environmental monitoring to detect temperature, humidity, and water leaks (up-to eight sensors)
  • Consolidation of IP address management by daisy-chain of up to four PDU’s
  • Conforms to the following standards: Redfish API, RESTful API, IPV6-SSL/IPsec, SNMP V3
  • Integrates with DCIM and BMS

Sensors Available as Optional Accessories:

  • Temperature Sensor
  • Temperature and Humidity Sensor
  • 3 Temperature Sensors and 1 Humidity Sensor
  • Leak and Water Detection Sensor (Rope Type)

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