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Switched and Inlet-Metered PDU (0U) – Hubbell Input Plug

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Product Details
Specifications and Compliance: See “Documents” tab

The ECX-SV1812120-K input metered, outlet switched PDU distributes power to devices in the rack and offers real-time phase and circuit breaker metering with network monitoring of power loads for overload avoidance, capacity & load balancing, and energy use optimization. Switched outlets allow power-up equipment sequencing, remote reboot, and outlet access control. A hot-swappable network management control allows for future upgrade and enhanced MTTR. Up to 8 optional environmental sensors and security access handles can be connected and managed through the PDU. ECXSV1812120-K can be monitored through the embedded webUI, telnet, SNMP, or SSH interfaces.

Product Features

  • Outlet access control
  • Power sequencing
  • Premium, high-temperature, branch-rated, magnetic hydraulic circuit breaker
  • Ultra-Low-profile design
  • Alternate-branched outlets
  • High-density outlet arrangement
  • Real-time phase and circuit breaker metering and monitoring of power loads
  • Remote PDU access management
  • Environmental monitoring to detect temperature, humidity, and water leaks (up to eight sensors)
  • Consolidation of IP address management by daisy-chain of up to four PDUs
  • Conforms to the following standards: Redfish API, RESTful API, IPV6-SSL/IPsec, SNMP V3
  • Integrates with DCIM and BMS

Product Applications

  • Environments that require energy metering
  • Colocation facilities
  • MDF, IDF, Data Center, Computer Room, Data Room Environment

Sensors Available as Optional Accessories:

  • Temperature Sensor
  • Temperature and Humidity Sensor
  • 3 Temperature Sensors and 1 Humidity Sensor
  • Leak and Water Detection Sensor (Rope Type)

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