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In-Row-Cooling Unit (IRC)

The Enconnex In-Row Cooling unit (IRC) is an industry-leading, row-based cooling unit designed to offer a high-density cooling option for customers looking to increase operational efficiency, remove dangerous heat build-up, and reduce overall operating costs in your data center. Available in multiple configurations, our IRC systems are engineered with high quality components, and managed by intelligent controls. The Enconnex IRC is the perfect solution for your high-density hot aisle and cold aisle containment environments.

Product Features

Compatible with the cabinets used in modern high-density data centers

9-18 variable-speed, electronically commutated (EC) fans drives more uniform airflow

Available in chilled water (CW) and direct expansion (DX) configurations

The intelligent control panel allows multiple units to work together to maximize efficiency.


  • High density / high compute environments
  • Hot aisle / cold aisle containment pods
  • New data center builds or legacy expansions
  • Used in conjunction with legacy room-cooling solutions
  • CoLocation Sites
  • Managed Service Providers
  • Testing facilities where temperature control is critical

Integrated Cabinet Benefits

Exceptional ROI: The Enconnex IRC is one of the top performing row-based cooling units in the industry with outstanding $ per kW performance.

Flexible Solutions: Our IRC units are available in both chilled water and direct expansion versions and come in various cabinet sizes to meet the needs of your environment.

Robust Design: The Enconnex IRC has been engineered using some of the best quality components found in the market today which helps improve performance and efficiency, and ensures a longer product life.

High-Density in a Small Package: The IRC can manage up to 100kW of compute capacity in a single cabinet footprint

Intelligent Controls: The IRC is available with different levels of intelligent controls. Our controls are designed to be intuitive and informative, giving you all of the management features you need to maintain your environment.

Expandable: Our units are designed to work together. Expanding your capacity is as simple as adding more units to your solution so that you can purchase the cooling capacity you need today, and expand as your needs change in the future.

Datasheets and Drawing Downloads

100kW CW 50Hz
(Global Spec)



65kW DX 60Hz
(US Spec)



65kW DX 50Hz
(Global Spec)



100kW CW 60Hz
(US Spec)