EdgeRack 5M | Self-Contained Micro Data Center

EdgeRack 5M Works Like a Dog

The EdgeRack 5M cabinet is ready to work. It’s a micro data center solution with integrated cooling, monitoring, management, and more.

Meet Your IT Equipment’s Best Friend


Big Performance in a Compact Size

As technology evolves, IT infrastructure must keep up. Businesses of all sizes need to quickly and easily deploy network, storage, and compute resources outside of traditional data centers to realize the benefits of cutting-edge information and operational technologies (IT/OT) and handle the mountains of data generated daily. The EdgeRack 5M does precisely that. It’s ready to house the IT infrastructure you need, wherever you need it, in a single, secure, self-contained, self-cooling cabinet.

Best in Show Features

EdgeRack 5M’s features were intentionally designed to help IT managers overcome the challenges of deploying IT infrastructure in non-traditional, edge environments.

Trained For Efficient Performance

Built-In Cooling

The self-contained, bottom-mounted rack cooling unit delivers up to 5kW of cooling capacity. Its inverter compressor and EC fans adjust cooling to match the load.

Integrated Evaporation

The cooling unit’s built-in condensate water processing unit eliminates condensation from the unit.

No External Piping Necessary

There is no need for external coolant supply lines or water drainage lines to the 5M. Everything is self-contained.

Sniffs Out Threats

Smart Sensors For Protection

Temperature, humidity, water (leakage), and smoke detection sensors alert operators of environmental risks.

Environmental Emergency Protection

The front door’s electromagnetic lock automatically opens in extreme heat or loss of power.


5Ms can be deployed side-by-side to share rack-to-rack cooling and add a layer of resiliency.

Guards Your Equipment

Tinted Door For Privacy

A double-layered tempered glass and tinted polycarbonate front door keeps IT equipment concealed.

Remote Monitoring and Management

Get environmental alerts, monitor access, and control your cooling unit offsite.

Completely Locked Down

All removable panels are fixed with security-head screws and include locks. The front door has an electromagnetic lock with multiple verification options.

Easy to Work With

Intuitive LCD Touch Display

The cooling unit features a 4.3” display to monitor performance and control settings.

Simple and Easy Maintenance

Rollers beneath the cooling unit improve accessibility for servicing and maintenance, and the air filter is easily accessible.


Interior LED lighting improves visibility and automatically illuminate when a door is opened.


Efficiently Herds Airflow

EdgeRack 5M is designed to isolate external airflow from internal airflow for maximum thermal efficiency. Ambient air is drawn into the cooling unit through the front of the cabinet for heat exchange and distributed throughout the cabinet, absorbing heat from the IT equipment. The hot return air is then exhausted through the rear of the cooling unit back into the outside environment.

Bred to Be Exactly What You Need

The EdgeRack 5M was designed to make edge computing easy. Available in the sizes and configurations you need.

Combination dual PDU mounting brackets and cable lashing panels are included in the rear corners of every EdgeRack 5M.

Vertical cable managers with hinged covers and lashing panels are included in the 31.5” (800 mm) cabinet width.

An optional, front-to-rear cable trough is available for the 31.5" (800 mm) cabinet width.

Width Options
23.6” (600 mm)
31.5” (800 mm)
Standard Height
42U (31U usable space)
Width Options
US: 13' (4 m) power cord with NEMA L6-20P plug
EU: 13' (4 m) power cord with IEC60309 16A plug

Your New Branch Manager

With data center vacancy rates at all-time lows, significant power constraints in traditional data center markets, and more data being generated than ever before, enterprises across the globe are realizing they can’t rely solely on the centralized data center model anymore. Edge computing is no longer a luxury; it’s a necessity. Businesses need to be able to deploy IT infrastructure in non-traditional environments to keep up with latency demands, uptime expectations, and more.
EdgeRack 5M is the solution. It’s a micro data center engineered for reliable performance wherever needed. With 5kW of self-contained cooling, a built-in condensate processing device, and remote management and monitoring capabilities, all in a secure, standard cabinet footprint, the 5M is prepared to extend your network. Whether you need to outfit a remote facility with IT infrastructure or scale up the networking capabilities of a branch office, look no further than the EdgeRack 5M.

Outfit It With Whatever You Need

Bundle solutions to save. As a complete data center and IT infrastructure provider, we offer many other critical components. We can load your cabinet up with a variety of shelves, PDUs, power cords, network cables, and more. We also offer custom aisle containment solutions.

Don’t see what you’re looking for?

The options don’t end with what you see here. Browse additional micro data centers for edge computing and contact us to explore your options. We’ll get you what you need.

Pre-tested, Prefabricated, and 100% Certified

The EdgeRack 5M is CE-certified and backed by an excellent warranty. It comes pre-tested and prefabricated for minimal time-to-value. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, customer satisfaction and quality are at the forefront of everything we do.

Make Your Network Howl

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