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The Enconnex V4 Fan Door can be installed on a 600mm wide DevRack cabinet to speed up the air circulation inside and outside the cabinet, in order to achieve faster heat dissipation. The fan door is equipped with a modular fan unit group with a C14 inlet power plug which supplies large volumes of air, has a high safety factor, is reliable, and only requires simple maintenance. It is suitable for 45U, 48U and 52U sized cabinets, and has front door (intake) and back door (exhaust) versions. This product has UL, FCC, CE certification.


  • LED indicator light for ON/OFF Power Control
  • C14 inlet Power Plug • Individual fuse per fan module protects the circuit from current overload
  • Cut-off switch to de-energize the fans when the door is open


  • Access Management
  • Powerful fan layout offers high cooling efficiency
  • DC current allows for the easy adoption of multiple voltage levels


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