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Secure Seismic Solution: Seismic Frame


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Seismic Frame Detailed MAIN

In studies of earthquakes between 2000-2013, it has shown that the vertical ground motion created significant damage to nonstructural components in buildings. In mission-critical data centers, electrical and telecom environments raised floors are commonly used and will not amplify the vertical ground motions.

If a system is sensitive to shaking, it is likely to be sensitive in all three orthogonal directions. A lot of people are investing in lateral base isolation systems and will be shocked at the damage due to the vertical ground motions. The Bergvik design does not depend on any support from a raised floor but is instead securely anchored directly from the equipment rack or cabinet down to the concrete subfloor with seismic anchors.


  • All projects are designed in Autodesk Revit or CAD
  • Full turnkey design process from inception to implementation, including complete clash detection
  • Dynamic seismic and load calculations available from engineer upon request


  • Colocation
  • Electrical Equipment Rooms / Substations / Switchgear Rooms
  • Mission Critical Facilities (Government, Military, Power)
  • Lab Equipment and Clean Rooms


  • Installation services are available globally through Enconnex certified partners.


  • Off-the-shelf product
  • Unprecedented flexibility and adaptability
  • No diagonal bracing required for pedestals
  • Recyclable and environmentally friendly
  • 5-Year standard product warranty

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Total gross weight Ca 194 kg/m2
Uniform distributed load (UDL) Up to 14 kN/m2
Finished floor height (FFH) 350 mm - 915 mm

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