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Iso Floor


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Iso Floor Airflow MAIN

Designed to create a flexible environment, the Bergvik Iso Floor is the only modular raised floor that can adapt to the ever-changing demand in data centers. The engineered substructure provides the platform for unprecedented loads, pedestal spans and various sized tiles. The floor adapts with integrated transformer stands and reinforced transformer passages in all areas where heavy loads occur. The Iso Floor design eliminates the need for bridging, unnecessary earthing and costly equipment stands, saving you money, and improving project timelines.


  • All projects are designed in Autodesk Revit or CAD
  • Full turnkey design process from inception to implementation, including complete clash detection
  • Dynamic seismic and load calculations available from engineer upon request


  • Data Center
  • Colocation
  • Electrical Equipment Rooms
  • Clean Rooms
  • Lab Equipment Rooms
  • Sub Stations


  • Installation services are available globally through Enconnex certified partners.


  • Unprecedented flexibility and load-bearing capabilities
  • 70% fewer pedestals, improving airflow and cable management
  • No hidden costs
  • Full Seismic version available
  • Recyclable and environmentally friendly
  • 5 Year standard product warranty

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Gross weight 9.22 lbs/ft2 (45 kg/m2 ) floor area
Distributed Load 210 - 1050PSF (10-50 kN/m2) (210PSF or 10 kN/m2 as standard at deflection L/300)
Iso Floor (FFH) 12 - 83 inches (300mm - 2100mm)
Iso Floor Compact (FFH) 6 - 16 inches (150mm - 400mm)
*FFH = Finished Floor Height


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