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Iso Floor-Seismic


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Iso Floor Seismic Data Center MAIN

The Iso Floor Seismic is the only earthquake-resistant raised access flooring solution that doesn’t require separate equipment support frames. The Iso Floor Seismic design meets both the US government and international requirement specifications. If your system is sensitive to shaking, it is highly likely to be sensitive in all three directions of movement. Many earthquake-resistant systems on the market today only resist lateral motions and lack support for vertical ground motions. Bergvik’s Iso Floor provides full support in all three directions of movement, which provides a much more stable floor during an earthquake. The Iso Floor design provides a positive connection directly from the equipment down to the concrete sub floor.


  • All projects are designed in Autodesk Revit or CAD
  • Full turnkey design process from inception to implementation, including complete clash detection
  • Dynamic seismic and load calculations available from engineer upon request


  • Data Center
  • Colocation
  • Electrical Equipment Rooms / Substations / Switchgear Rooms
  • 911 Call Centers
  • Mission Critical Facilities (Government, Military, Power)
  • Lab Equipment and Clean Rooms


  • Installation services are available globally through Enconnex certified partners.


  • Unprecedented flexibility and load-bearing capabilities
  • 70% fewer pedestals, improving airflow and cable management
  • Various sized floor panels available
  • No diagonal bracing required for pedestals
  • Recyclable and environmentally friendly
  • 5-Year standard product warranty

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Gross weight With Wood Core Panel: 9.85 lbs/ft2 (48 kg/m2) floor area
With Calcium Sulphate Panel: 14.75 lbs/ft2 (72 Kg/m2) floor area
Distributed Load 210 - 1050PSF (10-50 kN/m2) (210PSF or 10 kN/m2 as standard at deflection L/300)
Finished Floor Height (FFH)
Iso Floor Seismic
Typical: 14 - 48 inches
Custom: up to 83 inches

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